why yoga?

Until recently, when we thought of yoga, we envisioned a model thin Gumby sitting in lotus or standing on his/her head. No more! Yoga is for everyone and is now recognized as one of the best things you can do for yourself regardless of age, shape, sex or athletic ability. 

Ninety percent of students start yoga for the physical benefits: fitness, strength, flexibility and stress relief. No surprise, right? There have been thousands of studies on the benefits of yoga. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone and strength. Yoga improves respiration, helps decrease blood pressure, and bad cholesterol. The average yoga practitioner experiences a five-pound weight loss. Studies have shown yoga helps with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and asthma among many other challenges.  Yoga can improve functional mobility for those suffering from Parkinson's Disease . Studies have shown the benefits of yoga during cancer treatment. The physical benefits of yoga are wide ranging and provenFrontiers in Human Science published a study that shows yoga helps protect the brain from a decline in gray matter volume. Not only does yoga help keep your body healthy it is great for your brain!

While the plethora of physical benefits are amazing, the truly exciting news is TWO-THIRDS of those practicing yoga will experience a shift as to why they continue to practice. Most of those who practice will discover what keeps them coming back is the yoga bonus: the “other” benefits! Practicing yoga improves mindfulness, self-awareness, spirituality and personal growth. Practitioners experience a growth in compassion and kindness for themselves and others. How wonderful is it that what keeps most folks coming back to their mat is what can't be measured by physical standards?

The true beauty of yoga is it profits body, mind and spirit. The question isn't "Why Yoga?", the real question is "WHY NOT YOGA?"