teacher training​​

Pam and Mia have had the priviledge of building and participating in teacher training programs that produce intelligent and intuitive YA certified instructors working from Maine to Hawaii.

Together they have nearly 2000 hours of training, 20 years experience and 5000+ teaching hours.

gen·e·sis yoga teacher training focuses on teaching instructors how to intelligently sequence classes that make sense to their students and innately to their student's bodies.  We concentrate on healthful yoga for various populations and cuing to diversity in anatomy.

We believe knowledge begets confident instructors and in turn, their students benefit from safe, intelligent and interesting classes!

Saturday & Sunday

September 7-8
October 5-6
November 9-10
December 14-15
January 11-12

February 8-9
March 7-8
April 4-5
April 25-26
May 2-3
May 16-17

-genesis teaches the truth 
It has opened my mind to yoga in a way that wasn't present at the beginning of my journey. Pam and Mia honor the art of yoga and embrace every aspect.-Nicole