about us
the origin or mode of formation of something.
synonyms: origin, source, root, beginning, start
gen·e·sis yoga
Something new born from something thousands of years old.

Pam and Mia had a desire to create a place that welcomes those that never thought they would make their way onto a yoga mat. A place for those that have tried other ways to manage personal challenges or injuries. A place where one can connect with the person they never have time to connect with-themselves. 

We are not about gimmicks.  We are not about the next best thing. We are about the genesis of something in you and for you. 

We're here to help you find the light.

Pam Milner, E-500RYT, C-HYI 100, C-HYI Trauma-Sensitive,C-HYI Leadership, B.S.
Pam came to the practice of yoga in the 90's, as a way to complement her running.  In 2007 she completed her first teacher certification.  In 2010, she completed her 200 hour teacher certification through Glowing Body, Knoxville, TN.
In 2014, she enrolled in the Yoga Yoga Austin teacher training program with a specialty in Yoga Therapy.  Having worked for years in the medical profession as a nurse, an educator and a manager, it was a natural progression. In the fall of 2015, she completed her Level 1 Yoga Therapy Certification.  Her experience in medical trainng and development has proven essential in the development of her many yoga workshops.  Pam recently completed a teacher training program through Holy Yoga. Pam's 2000+ teaching hours has given her the privilege to work with a diverse group of students private and in group settings to include athletes, high risk children and seniors.
Pam has been influenced in the yoga teaching world through the work of Jason Crandell, Gary Kraftsow and Baron Baptiste.
Pam has seen her practice bring strength to her physical body, but also connect her to her breath and bring balance to her mental, emotional and spiritual body. That is what always brings her back to her mat to practice.
On a personal note, when Pam isn't teaching yoga, she loves working with her church, hanging out with her family which includes four incredible grandchildren.  She loves anything outdoors, including time hiking. She's never met a trail she didn't love and has hiked every trail in the Great Smokey Mountains. 
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Mia Neuenhoff, RYT 500, 500 M-HYT,C-HYI Leadership
Mia started a full-time yoga practice around 2006. Living in the country, originally her yoga teachers were on PBS.
Even though she loved yoga, she felt like something was missing.  She did not believe the universe was in her. She believed the Holy Spirit was in her.  Enter  Holy Yoga . Once Mia discovered a good sweaty practice and spirituality weren’t mutually exclusive, she was hooked.
Mia received her 200-hour teacher certification in 2011 and her Master Holy Yoga Instructor Certification in 2012. She has over 1200 hours of training, including a 300 hour certification through Inspire Yoga, as well as certifications in Chair Yoga and Touch Training.
Mia’s progression as an instructor has been shaped by her students and peers, but she has been blessed to receive most of her training under Brooke Boon and credits her love for anatomy and an understanding that yoga is different in every body to Jonnie Goodmanson. She has also had the good fortune to study intelligent sequencing under Shannon Paige and how to assist organically with Adri Kyser. She considers these trainings pivotal. Through them she discovered her passion for alignment and the nuance of the pose.
Mia is part of Holy Yoga's leadership team and prior to opening gen·e·sis yoga managed a large yoga franchise. She has led teacher trainings since 2014.
She has a husband that's a nut and two grown children; a marine biologist and a tattoo artist. She has three heavenly grandchildren that sustain her.
Mia loves to run. She loves to garden.  She loves to draw.  She loves to knit. She loves to read. She has no time for any of it, which is one of the reasons she is so passionate about yoga.  She knows a lot of folks feel guilty doing things for themselves and they are stretched thin. She wants to offer a space they can go to connect, do some yoga, have some time that is theirs and just maybe experience a divine shift.
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Angela Darnell, RYT 200

Angela began her yoga journey 4 years ago in order to get healthier. She focused on strength, flexibility, balance and meditation. Not only did she feel healthier, she felt happier on and off the mat. She discovered yoga is not just exercise but a place to remove yourself from all the distractions and focus completely on the present moment. She loves practicing many different types of yoga but three of her favorites are:
Ashtanga, a form of yoga that constantly challenges. Yin, a great practice that takes one deeper physically and mentally, and  Vinyasa, which allows one to connect breath with movements.

When Angela is not practicing yoga you can catch her with family and friends- cooking, baking, dancing or playing soccer. She is always up for trying new things and continues to learn more about yoga.

Angela has taught yoga as a group exercise instructor at Texas A&M Recreational Center since 2016. She earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2017 and can’t wait to teach YOU the many benefits yoga has to offer!

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Rachel Figgs, 200 hour 

After three beautiful years of successfully not changing the world as planned with the US Peace Corps and simultaneously having some serious paradigm shifts of her own, Rachel decided to expand her understanding of a practice she’d been introduced to during her college years. After some solo girl travel through the better part of Southeast Asia, she traveled to the birthplace of Yoga, Rishikesh, India, which rests in the foothills of the Himalayas alongside the Holy Ganges. With a deeper awareness of the mental and physical healing capabilities of Yoga she found no other option than to share this life-giving practice with as many people as possible. She is a firm believer in yoga for everyone, no matter one’s age, physical capabilities or socioeconomic standing.  Rachel is currently attempting to rejuvenate her family’s farm near Somerville, run a small business and take it all one-day-at-a-time.  She is also fairly confident that she’s on to this whole “adulting” business, but that sentiment fluctuates quite often.     

Kandice Harris, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Barre Instructor

Kandice comes to us from Houston- the classic city girl gone country!  Kandice and her family decided to uproot their lives, slow down a little, and get back to nature by buying a small farm in the Independence area. 

Kandice has been in the fitness industry for 12 years and owns her own personal training business.  While appreciating the personal side of training, Kandice also loves to teach Barre and strength classes to the masses, with a focus on functional fitness, a sound mind, and self-care. 

Classes are designed for all levels and can be accommodated for a 70 year old just as well as a 17 year old.   Dealing with autoimmune arthritis herself, Kandice is an expert at working out around injuries, both chronic and acute. 

When Kandice isn’t teaching, her passions include feeding her family (it’s a full time job!), gardening, spending time with friends, serving at church, reading, running, spending time with Jesus, and enjoying a good cup of coffee. 

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Shari Heftel, LMT RYT Rolf Structural Intergrational Practitioner/ TaiChi/Yoga Instructor/Meditation Coach

Shari is a passionate wellness advocate specializing in many healing modalities. She is a certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner (aka Rolfing) and delights to help bring clients out of pain and into alignment and balance in body and mind. She also is a massage therapist; fluent in Ashiatsu, Thai Yoga, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Guasha, Hot Stone, Essential oils. Shari is a teacher of movement, believing that movement is life, and leads classes in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, and Natural Movement and play. Shari also helps clients seeking inner peace to quiet the mind through one on one Sound Healing and Meditation sessions. She holds Sound Bath Meditations frequently, providing a safe and uplifting space for rejuvenation and deep healing and brainwave entrainment. 

Maury Jacob, 200 hour

I came to yoga late, beyond middle age, finally seeking a healthy lifestyle to reduce chronic
back issues from years of computer and drafting work. My search was for something less
competitive, less imposed, more mindful. I needed an activity that fed my soul and supported my
windsurf addiction with improved strength and flexibility and a backup workout that did not rely
on the fickleness of Texas weather.
Yoga proved the perfect fit. My practice began in 2012, after years of ignoring advice from
physical therapists, chiropractors, friends and family suggesting yoga. I can be stubborn. Before
long family and associates were commenting on my milder emotional state. It would be awhile
before I accepted those improvements myself. Again, I’m stubborn.
In 2014 I began a concentrated studio practice followed by teacher training at Om Grown
in Downtown Bryan. Over time physical improvements and healing, as well as emotional stability
became obvious even to me. The following year I trained in Paddleboard Yoga and opened BCS Paddleboard Yoga that
My studio class style has evolved into an all-level Hatha or slow Vinyasa flow focusing on
safety and form, usually powerful and grounding, with a bit of challenge for more advanced
students, always with modifications for beginners or mature practitioners. Paddleboard Yoga
classes have evolved similarly, but with the inherent focus on balance, stabilization and micro
musculature activation, and of course the fun and strong core workout of paddling! My favorite
water class I call Yoga Drift. Start class upwind, drift across the water while practicing, then
paddle back, or vice versa, depending on the wind direction. All levels, all water abilities.

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C​athy Rapport, RYT 200, NCSF PT

Cathy Rapport, RYT 200, NCSF PT
Cathy came to love yoga as a student of Bikram Hot Yoga in 2014. She saw this as a path of self- healing as she prepared to make her move here to Texas from Florida.  When she arrived in College Station, she sought more hot yoga and that brought her to making the acquaintance of Mia and Pam. Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training under their direction. She earned her 200 Yoga Hour Certification through Yoga Alliance in May 2016 and has taught more than 1400 hours since. Proving that you are never too old to learn new tricks, Cathy became a Personal Trainer in 2017 and is accredited by the National Council of Strength and Fitness.
Cathy believes in the mind body connection. She feels that the physical practice of yoga can be a soothing gateway into the path of inner peace and physical health. Even deeper still, into a spiritual message that is available to those who seek it. Cathy believes every moment of teaching is a way of “paying it forward”, hoping to inspire others to walk the path of yoga.
Cathy’s students range from four to ninety- four.  She has taught Children’s yoga and works at several retirement communities in BCS providing Chair yoga to seniors. She works at a local gym and teaches workplace yoga at TAMU. She enjoys students of all levels, infusing her classes with warmth and joy, wanting her students to leave feeling empowered and inspired.
Cathy and her husband live a quiet life with their two adorable dogs. They like to travel and enjoy an active lifestyle, hiking, biking, cooking and working out together.  Oh, they have adult children too, but they are off living their own productive lives!
Her belief is that the yoga practice does not need to be advanced.
You can start now.
Close your eyes.
Find the connection inside.
There’s your yoga.
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Caitlin Watts, RYT 200

Yoga found Caitlin in early 2016 at a time when she really needed it. After 8 years in Corporate America, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was living a life not meant for her.  As that life started to wear her down, she began having panic attacks and a decline in health which prompted her to finally leave accounting once and for all.
 Seeking an alternative to medication, she found herself in her first Yin yoga class. It didn’t take long for her to realize the immense healing power Yoga could have on one’s body and mind. Coupled with the desire to help others heal, Caitlin set out for Yoga teacher training in 2018.  She received excellent training with the wonderful yogis of Sacred Paths Yoga on the beaches of Costa Rica.
Caitlin enjoys teaching all levels of Vinyasa as well as Yin. When not on the mat, Caitlin can be found ranching, riding horses, tending her garden, cooking up plant-based meals, and training for her next triathlon.
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We are beyond grateful to fellow
Holy Yoga instructor, Amy
Chapoton, for our yogi
photography. Amy's goal is to
capture the unique beauty,
strength and courage in her
subjects. She specializes in yoga
sessions, families and portraits.
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Our location photos are courtesy
of Bowyn Bauer Baird. We didn't
raise her, but we brag on her
like we did. Bowyn is a brilliant
yogi and registered 
dietician with a passion for
 photography. See her photos 
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